Regain The Heart Condemned

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Album: Demo 2005 (2007)

Song: Birth Of Shadows

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Regain The Heart Condemned Has Been Trying To Get A Steady Line-up Since 2003. The Members of RTHC Now Have Been Steady And Have Been Working As a Whole Since Late 2004. We Blend Alot Of Styles Together In Our Sound. We All Have Different Tastes In Music, But We All Love The Beatdown. We Are Just Getting Better And Better In Trying To Define Our Sound. We Are From The The Real Side Of The World, We Come From The Bronx, Queens and Yonkers. We Grew Up On The Streets Of Ghetto Ass NYC. We Are Pretty Much Some Ghetto Ass Dudes That Listen To Wild Music.

To Check Us Out Look Us Up On Myspace: Heart

We Post Shows There and Our NYHC Family Is Also There.